Image used courtesy Andrew Obenreder

Image used courtesy Andrew Obenreder

Photographer | Storyteller

Sean Endres is a photographer and entrepreneur based out of Raleigh NC and Denver CO.  He has been telling stories with images since he first discovered film-making as a teenager in the action sports world.  Sean is an active parkour athlete and coach who lives for adventure and is generally just down for whatever.  As someone who is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow and challenge himself creatively, he surrounds himself with people who love to do the same.  As a lifestyle and portrait photographer, his goal is to create images that tell stories about people and brands pursuing the success of their dreams and goals, and a life of freedom.

Words from Sean:

"My "why" is a deep-seated drive to tell stories about people who don't settle and aren't satisfied with complacency.  Starting before I can remember, I was on the road and in the woods, working for the family business of gathering wild herbs to make medicine.  We always kept the company of campfire story-tellers, photographers, and poets, and their influence on me helped to drive my understanding of the power of narrative.  When I found parkour and skateboarding as a teenager, I found a community of people who place as high a value on freedom, exploration, and hard work as I do.  I picked up a camera to document those experiences, and the rest is history.

Through my work in film, photography, and online publications I have been lucky enough to build a team of people who I am proud to call my 'family.'  These people are creatives, problem solvers, thinkers, and doers and together, we are ready to help take you every step of the way from start to finish."


Flashstock, SC Johnson, Enso Movement, MUV Magazine, Vrypac, Wills Wild Herbs, Know Obstacles, Savannah Parker



Raleigh NC X USA